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A Good Day
H.G. loves post-it notes... WH13
uselessmarks wrote in iconfanficxwp
Disclaimer - I do not own them. I do own this fic.

Notes - Picture related.

Title - A Good Day

In the rush of her dreaming, Gabrielle forgot all those moments of pain and of the hard decisions that had to be made.
Somewhere, in the flames, Gabrielle keeps on sleeping.
Through winters and summers, through battles and bloodshed... she dreams of another place, a cascade of images pierced with mysterious blue eyes.

Who are you, this entity that haunts me?

She can see her sister, running in the fields of wheat and weeds, tripping over everything.
She can see her father, sharpening his axe and splitting the wood, cutting down everything.
She can see her mother, dusted in flour and sunlight, finding a way to cook everything.

But it is lost, forsaken for a person Gabrielle cannot even remember.
It flees from her eyes like the receding of the sea.

Who are you? Why do I ache for you so?

Encroaching on her slumber like the dawn, Gabrielle feels her skin tingle.
Sensation returns to her legs and arms slowly, the movement of blood in her veins and the fullness of air in her lungs. And the heat of a thousand suns slides over her body, tugging at her eyelids.

And Gabrielle sees blue in all this orange and red.
Two points of longing, held fast in sloping bones and ivory flesh, pulling Gabrielle from rest and back to the waking world.

"Xena..." She whispers, barely able to recall a time when she didn't speak that name and barely able to remember a time when she didn't want this woman in front of her.

Gabrielle feels the long hours catch up to her mind and the past shows itself.
But it doesn't matter, not now. Because Gabrielle is with Xena again.

And it is going to be a good day.

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Mmmmmm, I loved you getting into Gab's head at that moment. I don't think I've read much about this scene from her POV. Very nice!

Thanks very much! :D

I love writing from her perspective and this is one of my favorite episodes (well, the whole trilogy is awesome). :)

Great POV! I loved this.

Moar. :D

Thank you! :D

Been a while since I've done a XWP fic, glad I still got it ;)

You gots it, precious! :)

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