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In This Place [PG]
H.G. loves post-it notes... WH13
uselessmarks wrote in iconfanficxwp
Disclaimer - I do not own them. I do own this fic.

Notes - Gabrielle POV. Season Six related. Picture-related. Angst-ish.

Title - In This Place

I'd write us another life to live. And in that other world, you and I wouldn't keep losing everything as we try to hold onto all things...

Gabrielle doesn't just want to reach out and touch Xena's face.
She wants to wipe the blood away from Xena's lips and wash Xena's black hair clean and wrap around Xena's strong body.
But that didn't even happen in that other life, in that other place.
So, Gabrielle can't see it happening here, in this life, in this place.

They got one night in this life.
One night of eyes meeting, of gazes frozen on one another. One night of looks stretching out across inch after inch of nighttime air. One night of words, both blissful and broken said between the two of them.
One night to last a lifetime and Gabrielle knows it will never be enough.

And in that other life, in that other place, they had day after day after day.
And they had pain. And they had joy. And they captured some dreams and allowed other dreams to rot on the vine.
Plays exchanged for scrolls on the back of a horse and an empress exchanged for a warrior princess, six of one and half a dozen of the other.

I'd write us another life and we could finally be together. No more agony and no more mistakes, whether upon all those crosses or against each other... I'd write us another life, Xena, and we could be free...

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You see the big picture in one look. You make me want to write more. You are inspiring, you know that?

I am glad to inspire... so where's your fic? ;D

Thanks so much for reading this, really appreciate it!

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