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Not Love Anymore [PG]
H.G. loves post-it notes... WH13
uselessmarks wrote in iconfanficxwp
Disclaimer - I do not own them. I own this idea.
Notes - Post FIN. Gabrielle POV. Dark-ish. For Halloween... enjoy! :)

It is not death that scares her, that causes her to let the fire die with the evening or to keep her weapons by her side – that is just the nature of her existence these days.

These days… these many moons… for as long as I can recall now…

But a chill runs up and down her spine, pushing at vertebrae with a ghostly hand, and what scares Gabrielle the most is the approach of dawn – those tendrils of daylight, a used-to-be welcomed thing, now just brings about despair.
The green of grass and the wind shaking the boughs of trees and the scent of tiny flowers sprouting up from the moss… how my quill once flew about such pleasures, how my eyes longed for such simple beauty once…

But she shivers so hard, no stars above and no lunar beacon in the sky, as ice-cold lips work a frozen trail along her skin and Gabrielle would gladly give up a thousand mornings for this nighttime rendezvous.
Cuts of red and flashes of blue, strong grip upon her shoulders – bruises that only she can see – and Gabrielle cannot be sure if this is love anymore.

And it is not death that scares her.
It is death that haunts her.
Not from some sword and not from some war… but in kisses that fade and in a hold that does not, in having her soul bound to another so deeply that time and space mean nothing… that living means nothing without them there…

But she shakes and she trembles and it doesn’t feel like love anymore.
It feels like obsession and sorrow and painful desire bundled between her thighs and coming undone with just the touch of Xena’s hollow hands.


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Heh, thank you so much! :)

Wow. That was damn impressive!

Hope that's a good wow? lol


Yes, a good wow. :) Hehe.

Then thank you very much, it is appreciated! :)

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